by Breezy Motel

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These are three songs that are pretty much demos. I'm working with some new sounds. beep boop


released June 4, 2013

Drew Hyde all



all rights reserved


Breezy Motel Fairfax, Virginia

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Track Name: zeta
She's a stunner, a siren with a science fiction song.
Like the movies we watch as we fall asleep.

What if one night you never left and all your dreams came true?
On the night that the world is ending, there's no one else but you.

Well this is it, this is the end
There's nothing else to do but sleep in my room
The ships are coming down
They invade all around
There's nothing else to do but sleep in my room

Well I'm departing.

And when i'm gone
Will you miss me singing, kissing both cheeks?

And when the world is ultimately destroyed
Do you think we'll carry on?

Chorus aaaaayyyy
Track Name: latency
When I was a kid, I took cracks at positivity.
I couldn't keep up with my friends
I cursed my latency

Yeah, there was a disconnect
Yeah, there was a falling out
and all i can recollect
are the memories I wish I could forget
I wish I could forget

And now that I'm old, nothing's changed
I just look different
I keep to myself, all alone, don't know where my friends went
Yeah, they're probably better off
Yeah, they're probably doing something
It's better than I could say
Cuz all I do resulted in suspension

I can make this year better than last year
Take my head apart
Miles on my car
I can save my soul by changing rock and roll
Bend it to my will
Pray it never heals

I gotta relax, phase out the worst of all my thinking
Introverted at best, but who says my thoughts are worth repeating?


Cuz we all need change
Sometimes we all need chang
cuz we aLL neeD CHAnGe
Track Name: canopy of stars
I was looking at the stars
A canopy above, but that was not enough
I need to clear my head, I cannot get you out of it
You're a sickness

I can never change the past, reset all my happiness
change what i did.
I've been looking to the stars but they've stayed quiet so far
give me an answer

And I search the stars for someone else
Why do I try so hard, just to be put upon a shelf
and there's passing cars with no one inside
they've gone too far with no one to remind them

I am no longer defined by the things that I once did
I'm no longer a kid, I'm no longer a kid
Oh you cannot control me anymore

dat chorus doe

with no one to remind them,

How to live a life, without being stuck in your mind
How to live a life, how to keep movin on
we gotta keep moving on

dat dat dat cho cho chorus