Are You an Elvis Man? (Demo)

by Breezy Motel

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It's been two weeks since i ripped off that corner store
Took em for all that they got
I ended up in Virginia, at the Breezeway Motel
Just me, alone with my thoughts.
Thats when I met this girl with the ocean inside
'said she wanted to see the desert.
She had those sticky fingers; ended up with a car,
then we started driving westward.
She said, "Where are we going?"
I said, "Babe, I don't know."
Then she asked if I was an Elvis-man.
And I said, "We're heading to Las Vegas,
Gonna find some life worth living.
I'm tired of all these angels.
I'm tired of all this money."
We drove straight through til morning,
Didn't stop til Ohio, the place that my brother calls home
We made love in Missouri,
And pulled off at the border of Kansas, where I was born.
Chorus x2
Let me admit to you something i've never said
I'll never get tired of you.
I could've drove all the way to the coast
where the waves will sing "I love you!"
All the highways lead nowhere as the lights are approaching
and I'm getting closer to YOUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuu
Chorus x2


released April 9, 2013
All things done by Drew Hyde



all rights reserved


Breezy Motel Fairfax, Virginia

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